Lincoln Preparatory School is dedicated to the mental and physical development of our student-athletes.  Our programs provide our student-athletes with an education in discipline, leadership, citizen ship, and teamwork.  Through a devoted coaching staff and a supportive administration, faculty, and staff, our student-athletes are offered opportunities which provide enrichment to their educational experiences  will help shape our young men and women into well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

Glen Hall

Atheletic Director/Head Football Coach


Glen Hall, Head Coach

  • Billy Norman, Assistant Coach/Operations Manager
  • Vyron Brown, Assistant Coach
  • Chaunce Davidson, Assistant Coach
  • Roy Johnson, Assistant Coach
  • Shannon Aultman, Assistant Coach
  • Malcolm Davis, Assistant Coach


Antonio Hudson, Assistant Athletic Director/Head Coach

  • Dominique Calhoun, Assistant
  • Chaunce Davison, Assistant/JV & Elementary Coach
  • Terrence Giles, Assistant
  • Eumarcus Hicks, Assistant/Middle School Boys Coach
  • Lasean Johnson, Assistant
  • Adrian Manning, Assistant
  • Charlita Thomas, Assistant
  • Lakia Williams, Assistant/Middle School Girls Coach


Billy Norman, Head Coach

  • Coach Jeffery Middleton, Assistant/Outfield Coach
  • Roy Johnson, Assistant/Outfield Coach
  • Jewels Bowden, Assistant/Infield Coach

Girls' Softball

Shannon Aultman, Head Coach


Johnny Thomas, Boys 

Jasmine Thompson, Girls

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